Life with the Shirley Family

Life with the Shirley Family

Monday, August 31, 2009

Delighting myself-part 1

I just finished blogging my vacation in 7 parts, and now I am starting to blog my Beth Moore weekend in 7 parts! For anyone who attended, I have waited until this has sunk in before blogging about what I learned-or to be more correct, it is still sinking in, but writing about it will help me.

The passage that Beth talked aobut this weekend was Psalm 37, particularly verse 4:

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart"

Although a popular passage and one I have always heard taught correctly in terms of when you delight yourself, then your desires will be God's desires, etc, I was still able to be taught new lessons about this verse and life in general.

The first point mentioned was "nothing dictates our lives like our desires". In other words, at the end of the day, I am going to do what I want to do! If I want to watch a TV show, I will usually watch it. If I want to go to the gym, I usually pack up the boys and go. If I want to go out to a nice restaurant, well, that doesn't happen too often! But you understand!

What I want to learn from this point is that I really do need my desires to be God's desires. I need to spend more time in prayer, so I need to desire that time with God. I need to stop more often and play with my boys, so I need to desire that more than cleaning up the dishes (although I don't know if I could say that was a desire-playing is much more fun!); but sometimes the desire to have things done so that I can have time to myself at night without chores staring me in the face gets in the way of play.

So what do I do with my desires? I want my desires to be God's; to come from God. But is my desire for staying in shape a desire from God or just one of vanity? One thing I learned is to lay my desires before God. Desires are things you wait for. True longings are desires that do not change regardless of surroundings. While I am waiting for what I think I desire, something I have been desiring a long time, I need to give it to God and let Him either give it back to me, or change it.

That is where I am now! Point 2 takes some gnawing on in my mind, but with more meditation and prayer, I am sure I will be able to grasp the point. In the meantime, I think I desire to read Psalm 37 again and then go to sleep!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Going to see me!

When Dave and I could not decide on a name for Camden, we went to the handy list on the Internet and just picked one we liked (and then he changed his mind, but I changed it back, and that is a whole other story!). Yes, his name has no good meaning or family heritage, but it sounds good! Camden Scott Shirley-well at least he is in good company with his initials-C.S. Lewis has the same beginning initials!

Well, since I am always having to repeat what his name is-no, not Cameron, or Hamden, but like the city, Camden-we decided to visit Camden, SC. Well, there is not much in Camden this time of year. I think the only 2 things of interest are the horse races and the re-enactment at the revolutionary war battle site. Since neither one was happening, we got to walk around the battle site (fairly interesting) and look at the outside of the steeplechase museum. I was hoping for a cute downtown to walk around and eat lunch and look in shops, but alas, no such luck! We ate at a Mexican restaurant! but did find a bakery and bought lemon squares and cookies! At least they were yummy!

But Camden was mighty impressed! He kept saying, "Going to see me!" I guess he thinks the town is named after him! And he still is asking about going back to Camden! All I can say is, my Camden is much cuter than the town of Camden!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

If only...

If only things could stay the same! It is so sad to see your children grow up too fast! Nathan is now in 3rd grade, wanting to pretend he doesn't like shows like "Super Why" and only watch shows like "Zack and Cody", but at least he does not like girls yet! (Maybe with more super why and less Z & C we can keep him like that a little longer!) At the lake house, Nathan's playmates were either the big guys or the 5 yr old girls! The girls apparently like him (just to play with!), but although Nathan was very sweet to them, he still is only tolerating "girls"! Yeah!

What is really strange to think of, though, is what if he grew up and dated some girl he knows now. I moved so often when I was younger that the option of dating a person I grew up with was not there, but assuming we stay here, it could happen with my kids! A very funny thought! Better keep lots of good pictures of Nathan and Camden and all their "girl friends" to use at their weddings!

Monday, August 17, 2009


We drove home today! It is good to be home and use my own shower and sleep in my own bed, but it was awfully hot today with no lake to jump in!! Unpacking is always the worst, but by the end of this week, the task should be completed!

I got to drive Camden home today while Nathan was in Dave's car. When we pulled up, he started crying-he was crying "Want the lake house!" Nathan is convinced we can sell everything we have but the boat and buy the lakehouse! I think we all had a great time!

Well, on to reality and the dishes!

Day 7 at the lake! Sunday

Today was our day to say good-bye to our friends :( Both of the other families had to pack up and leave in the morning, but we were fortunate enough to be able to stay until Monday morning. After saying good-bye, we went down to the dock and fished a little. Camden caught his first fish with Dave's brim buster! and Nathan caught several fish this way!

We took the boat out for one last run! We tubed and kneeboarded and I pulled Dave on the kneeboard! He actually said I drove the boat good, just a little fast when I pulled up beside him!

After eating up all the leftover food, (well trying to!) putting a very tired two year old to bed, and doing laundry, Dave and Nathan had a fishing contest at the dock while Amy finished up her scrapbooking! My realistic goal was met! Yeah!

At the end of the night, we were able to enjoy one more thunderstorm! The lightening was awesome and lit up the sky! It was a great week and a lot of fun, but fun is tiring! Nathan came up from the dock before Dave to go to bed. I asked him if he had had fun this week and of course he said yes! He then said that he was a little tired though, well, really a lot tired!

At the end of the night, I had finished my scrapbook, finished my book, and went to bed! What a good night!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 6 at the lake! Saturday

Our last full day at the lake with our friends! We decided (after getting another "late" start due to weariness!) to take a trip to the Lake Murray Dam. We packed lunches, loaded up both the boats with the kneeboards and the Big Bertha tube, and drove to the other end of the lake where the dam is. It is a very pretty ride (although tiring when you are holding onto a tube and Camden the whole way!). Once there, we tootled around looking for a marina for bait and gas (want to make it back home!) I was able to drive the boat around while Dave dropped a line! And we also had rain coming down pretty steadily!

After finding gas and bait, we anchored and ate lunch. The fisherpeople fished off the front of the boat and the kids played in the tube off the back. almost lost Camden head first while he was trying to get in the tube! And then he falls out of the tube when he and Nathan were supposed to be sitting in it! He was ok after bobbing up from the water, but I was a little shaken after jumping in to "save" him!

Joey, Becky, and Jason fishing

Becky and Camryn tubing-Camryn wasn't too thrilled!

Dave and Corey fishing

The kids playing in Big Bertha!!

Camden and Nathan



We tubed and kneeboarded some, but it was very choppy in the open water, so the girls decided to take the kids back, let the men fish, and have them watch the kids while we went out later. This plan almost worked until we got lost coming home, almost lost Nathan in the lake and overall got a little frustrated! (Nathan was just sitting in the tube for the LONG trip home; we looked down one moment; looked up to see there was no Nathan in the tube!; panicked, turned around and saw him floating in the water beside another boat that had stopped to help! He couldn't have been in the water more than 20 seconds, but it was a little scary!)

Hannah and Taylor keeping an eye on Nathan!!

So after that trip home, the women decided to just leave all the kids with them men when they returned and go out for dinner and a movie! We went to Applebee's and saw "Julie and Julia". It was a nice evening and apparently the men also fished while we were gone! Dave caught a gar!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 5 at the lake! Friday

On day 5 at the lake we were back to just us and the Finks. You could tell that we were all a little weary! We started out the day in a lazy fashion. No early morning fishing! No a.m. boating! We hung out at the house playing Wii, scrapbooking, and finally getting back online! Then Joey and I went to Carolina Pottery with Hannah and Camden, while the guys (sorry Camden that you never get to go with the guys yet!), went to Sportsmen's Warehouse. Definitely a guy's store! Nathan was able to replace his "favorite" lure that he lost the day before while fishing.

After we all reconvened at the house, we took the boat out. I tried wakeboarding again, but still could not get it right! The Ashley River is a much better place for me to wakeboard! I also got back on the kneeboard (without my toenail and feeling much better!), but must have been too tired after trying to wakeboard-I crashed again, this time face first with my eyes open! That stung! No wonder Nathan is getting scared about trying the kneeboard again!! Hannah on the other hand got back on the kneeboard! She is able to be put on it by Corey and then just holds on without having to pull up-Nathan wishes he could do that!!

Hannah kneeboarding!

We had a good time on the tube that day, though! Dave was also unsuccessful in throwing Joey and I out of the tube; but Corey did it to Dave! Nathan and Dave were in the tube, Dave was thrown and did 3 flips in the air, Nathan went vertical, but managed to stay in! Wish I had gotten that on video!!

Dave and Nathan on the tube

Dave in the water and Nathan on the tube!

Overall, a fun day on the water again! Beautiful weather on the lake again!

That evening involved BLT's, the return of the Bowick's and an indoor evening for the women (thanks Joey for your help scrapbooking!) and fishing for the men! Lots of fishing on this trip with very little catching!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 4 at the lake! Thursday

Rain, rain went away!! After a very rainy night and morning (again with 3 guys going fishing early in the morning, getting soaked, and catching NO fish!), we finally got clear weather after lunch. We were making alternate plans to go see a movie, but then the sun came out and the boats went to work!

Of course we had to play in the water off the dock before going out on the boats!

Dave and Nathan swimming in the lake!

Camden liked to walk up and down the dock!

Jumping the tube was big fun!!

The adults, minus Amy and Jason, went fishing while the kids went out tubing (how did I get that job!?!) But I got to drive the boat all by myself while pulling Jason and Camryn. I did a fine job!

Then all the kids went to rest/nap/watch a movie (with Jason and Becky watching them) while the other 4 adults took up tandem kneeboarding! It is a lot of fun! Amy and Joey showed the guys how to do it! Then the couples and the guys matched up! I almost did a 360, well I actually did get around, but right after I got turned around, I felt my toenail pull the rest of the way off! Ouch! So I fell! I now have no toenail except the beginnings of a new one growing in. Yeah!! But my toe does look very naked!

Joey and Amy kneeboarding together!

Amy attempting her first 360

Amy wiping out!

Dave and Amy-kissing while kneeboarding!

Joey and Corey holding hands in the water!

Don't you think we are ready for Sea World!!

The day ended with the guys trying to catch fish again, putting the kids to bed and the girls staying up watching NCIS (esp Tony) and finding out interesting things about the others that will not ever be posted!! Right Joey and Becky?!??!

Day 3 at the lake! Wednesday

Rain, rain, go away! Our morning was rainy! Sounded nice on the roof, but not the best to go boating in. Of course, Dave went out fishing in the morning! No fish of course-they didn't want to get wet! And our internet got knocked out for 2 days-why this is a little late!

The kids playing the Wii

Joey knitting

Dave and Corey playing pool

Why does noone take a picture of me scrapbooking?!?!?!

After a morning of scrapbooking, Wii, pool, and knitting, we took the boat out for a little while before it started raining again! Joey and I took a crazy tube ride! But no wakeboarding for me today! It was a good day for my body to recuperate from the hard fall from Day 2!

Nathan a little dazed after his wild tube ride!

Amy on a slower ride with Hannah and Camden

Taylor was a little anxious on her tube ride!

Later that evening we made another trip to the grocery store and a special stop at the scrapbooking store! Gotta go there!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 2 at the lake! Tuesday

Well, day 2 is almost over and it has been our first full day and a lot of fun! We did a little more than go out on the boat!?!? I got some scrapbooking done and got to kayak some. But, if you can see my legs well enough, you know that the tan part is not working!! Joey pulled me on the skis this morning and I did good, but when Dave pulled me on the wakeboard, I did a face-plant in the water that left me feeling my age!! I am glad I brought the Aleve! Nathan tried to ski, but got too frustrated! He did a lot better on the kneeboard, and even Hannah got up on the kneeboard. Dave and Corey both tried to show off on the wakeboard with pretty good results-a couple of wake jumps and several falls! How would your turn end without a fall! Tomorrow Joey will get out on the kneeboard for sure!!

Dave finishing his wake jump!

Corey wakeboarding

Nathan trying to ski-it will take a few more tries!

The kids spent the WHOLE day in the water! If they weren't on the boat (tubing, kneeboarding, jumping off the boat), then they were jumping off the end of the dock! Nathan is doing flips and cartwheels off the end along with running and jumping as far as he can. He reminds me of some commercial they used to show about summer (maybe Country Time) where little boys are running and jumping into a lake. Just the quintessential summer activity! What could be more fun!!!

The fisherpeople did a lot of fishing around the dock today and Joey caught a huge gar! Ugly fish! We threw him back! I am waiting for them to catch fish to eat! I bought fish breading and tarter sauce tonight because I have faith!

I got to pick Camden up from his fun day with Grammie and put him to bed with his brother! The water really wears a body out! He played in the kiddie pool water at my parents' while Nathan played in the lake water. Can't wait to see how Camden reacts to the water tomorrow! Nathan was balking about going to bed at 9:30!! But they both were asleep within 5 minutes! They look so cute sharing a bed-hope they both don't push each other off since they both are wiggle worms when they sleep!!

Good night until another fun day at the lake!!