Life with the Shirley Family

Life with the Shirley Family

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas morning 2012

This was the best Christmas ever!!!  This is how both the boys described our day!  After the boys were admitted to the living room, they were full of great excitement over their presents.  Nathan had asked for either a bow or a computer...he got the bow!

Camden had asked for one thing mainly...the League of Incredible Vegetable set.  As he is sitting here with me looking at this picture, he said he loves them, but he loves me more.  Too sweet!

And the biggest excitement of the day for Nathan was a total surprise of a to the Chick-fil-a bowl; Clemson vs. LSU.  He was jumping up and down because he totally did not expect this gift :)

Camden with his new play figures.

New hats for the boys!

Amy got jewelry from the boys that Nathan picked out on his own.

Dave got duck calls from the of which is made by the Duck Dynasty men!

Champ got a Kong bone which he loved playing with.  But for it being indestructible, well they haven't met Champ!
After opening up our gifts, we packed the car quickly and made our way to Columbia for lunch with my parents.  Presents and good food and getting ready to drive to Memphis.  Should we leave on Christmas day or wait until the 26th?  We shall see!

Monday, December 17, 2012

The boys are decorating!!

I had finished decorating the house for Christmas, but the boys were not satisfied!  They had fun stringing lights and garland all over Camden's room.  Even Woody got in the act!!  What fun!

How can you sleep with all those lights on, Camden?!?!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

This is what Camden has been saying a lot these days...between the coughing and the nose blowing that is!  Flu hit our house this week, but on the positive side, it gave me more time to decorate the house :)  Although we haven't felt the greatest, we pulled together and got all the decorations up.  Even a few new ones! 
A new arrangement for the porch with twinkling red favorite addition this year!
I got Dave to hang a big wreath on the fireplace!  He did a good job.
Got to have our snowmen on the front table!
My new was supposed to replace the old one for this year, but....
...the boys insisted.  And then I was going to not use the snow due to Champ's tail, but they also overrode that decision!  Nathan and Camden put the village together.
So, our house is decked for Christmas!  I can sit on my couch, look at the beautiful lights, relax, read Christmas stories to the boys, work on projects, and oh yeah, blow my nose.  The boys' week of the flu left me with a yucky cold.  But at least I have pretty things to look at while my head is in a fog.  And when my cold is over, I will enjoy it even more!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Camden can ride his bike!!

Well without training wheels would be more accurate!  He has been trying to learn, or at least we have been trying to get him to learn to do this for a LONG time!  He was not too interested in bike riding once we took the training wheels off and he didn't automatically know how to ride his bike.  But he is finally riding on his own.  His goal now is to be able to ride the bike to Sonic and get ice cream...I like that goal :)