Life with the Shirley Family

Life with the Shirley Family

Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Marathon

Well, I did it!  I finished my marathon.  It was a good experience and I am glad I did it.  Negatives of today would be that I couldn't sleep last night and it was windy.  Positives of today were more :)  The wind could have been much worse!  And when it wasn't blowing, the weather was perfect.  Sunny and not too hot or cold.  And there were some really pretty things to look at.  Downtown at the Battery; Cooper River Marina; and Riverfront Park were my favorites.  But the most beautiful thing I saw today was North Charleston High School...right beside the finish line!

I think the main reason I did this was to challenge myself.  And it was enjoyable.  Yes, my knees are very achy; and my rear end muscles are, well, making it hard to walk!  But by tomorrow I should feel better.  A little better :)

What I saw on the run that did not involve scenery were some interesting things.  Groups of people running together at a speed I cannot maintain at mile 14!  Superheros running...especially Superman in an authentic outfit (yikes!).  One lady was running in a long dress, hat and carrying a parasol.  And my favorite was the UVA runner that was way ahead of the two VA Tech fans!  Of course I was behind them all :)  And then I met a man who was running this marathon as his 27th state marathon.  Wow!  And around me I saw people like me...enduring and persevering and even struggling to finish.  We were stopping at drink stations and then taking off again. We would walk a few steps and then start running again.  And we ran over the finish line! Fortunately I ran and didn't crawl, limp, or walk :)  Limping now, but not then!  As my medal says, I was a finisher!  Yeah!!

My Fans!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Almost ready!

Tomorrow is the big day!!  I have faithfully followed my training program...well almost.  And even though it has been tons of running, I have enjoyed it.  And my knees have been good.  I am definitely glad I did the training!  I have especially followed the training the last 2 weeks to make sure that I was ready.  This has been an easy 2 weeks.  The long runs were only 9 and 8 miles (yes, I can't believe I am saying only).  And the last exercise was a 2 mile walk.  Walks are so slow!!!  I actually only made it 1.5 miles.

But tomorrow, do or die, I am running 26.2 miles.  I went to pick up my bib today and even bought my 26.2 sticker.  I am planning on earning it!  It was a weird expo for me.  Usually I am trying the free samples and looking at all the wares for sale.  But this time I was nervous.  My stomach felt full of butterflies.  I think one thing I am nervous about is the weather.  I want some cold, but not wind.  Forecast now does not say wind, but outside..well hopefully it will not be windy tomorrow!

But either way, tomorrow is the day!  One more thing to check off my bucket list!!  See you at the finish line!