Life with the Shirley Family

Life with the Shirley Family

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I have had this post in my head for several weeks now and am finally getting around to writing it out. I think if I could have some device in my head that wrote what I thought (or at least what I purposefully put in a blog thought area of my brain), I would have a lot more posts :) But alas, I am stuck with typing!

But on to my! This was the season I was looking forward to and dreading. After years of Nathan having ball practice and games all on Saturdays, we moved to weeknight games a few seasons ago. But then it became Camden's turn to play t-ball and we had to give up our Saturdays again! And I couldn't help but look to the future of having games all the time and constantly being at the ball field and driving one boy to one field and the other to another, and, well you get the picture.

Of course it is fun to watch your child play ball. Nathan has really gotten better this year. He had started pitching in the fall on another team, but when he was was put on this team for the spring, the coach had his pitchers already. But Nathan got the courage up to ask him for a chance to pitch and was given that chance. Not to go on and on, but at the Championship game, Nathan was the most consistent pitcher and didn't let anyone score on his watch. He either struck them out or threw them out. It was nerve racking to watch, but he did great. And did I mention the Championship game?!?! They won! Last spring he was also on a winning team, but the team was so good, and Nathan was one of the youngest, and it didn't seem like he did much. But this year, he was a major contributor to the winning season!!

Nathan putting on his pitching serious face

Playing third

So I have my one son that will keep us busy with ball for many seasons; but will Camden follow in his footsteps? Well he hasn't yet! He was all excited about playing t-ball, but I think he thought it was for one game. He didn't realize that you had to keep going back. And for him, this actually meant the first practice. By the first game he was really over it. He would stand at the fence and ask me if it was time to go home. But he did improve and finally started standing on the field. He tried to go for a few balls, but usually a girl got it first! Oh well! He also learned that you run to first base first and not after the ball that you hit toward the pitcher. At practice he led many astray in this running pattern! He did like his trophy at the end and now that the season is over, he says he wants to play again. He really likes wearing his uniform shirt and hat! I think, though, we will try soccer in the fall. He likes to run so maybe that will be the sport for him...or maybe not! You never know with Camden.

Yes, that is the way you run!

Nathan was a big help in getting Camden to stay on the field

Getting a hit

Finally getting to run home

His one time playing first...he got to get the ball!

Camden and his friend Benjamin..they always have fun together!

Are we done yet?!? Well, almost!

Must I say it...The End!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Camden's new room

Tonight has not gone as I had it planned in my mind, but it has gone much better! I had plans on straightening up my pictures so that I can move on to 2010, but our friend and his son came by to help Dave move our new hutch into the kitchen. Of course I had to supervise that happen! Around 10:30 when he left and Dave was talking to our neighbor walking his dog, a car stopped in front of our house and friends of ours from about 10 years ago were driving through their old haunts and caught us outside (hi Patty since I know you are reading this!). We spent about 30 minuttes catching up with them and had a great chat.

So since I had a very surprising and wonderful evening, I thought I would sit down and blog while Dave is putting my hutch together. You would think I would show you the hutch, but that will have to wait. I want to talk about Camden's new room.

Last year my spring cleaning started in the spring, but didn't end until the fall. This was due to painting, peeling wallpaper, more painting, etc. This year I have smaller plans that centered on cleaning the boys' closets and getting rid of stuff! In the process we revamped Camden's room. Gone is the toddler bed! He was not too keen on that to begin with, but has started enjoying the extra space in his room.

Camden's new bed ensemble. Same color scheme and animal theme, but bigger boy looking.

I love the sheets!

We brought the toybox down from upstairs and he had to keep his tent up!

Look how neat the inside of the toy box is...well at least how it was when I took the picture!

His closet is also neater than it used to be!

So with the boys closets cleaned out and toys given away, my spring cleaning is done. But wait, I have a new hutch! I have to rearrange my kitchen! And why not redo the cabinets while we are at it!!! This could go on well into the fall!