Life with the Shirley Family

Life with the Shirley Family

Friday, April 20, 2012

April already?!?!

Yes, I know it is now April 20, but March was so crazy, April just slid in with a sigh of relief! At our home, March Madness had more to do with our schedule than basketball (even though we did watch a lot of basketball too!). Between the beginning of baseball, AWANA games (in which the Sparks whom I co-coached won!), and the church's Easter drama, my head was spinning. I didn't really know how tired I was getting until it was over. Cooking at home did not happen as much as it needed to, but I did manage to make two kinds of cheesecakes. The first was a chocolate cheesecake tart and the other was a chocolate chip cheesecake. The most interesting part of the second was the crust which was made from crushed thin mints. Yummy! We ate turkey medallions, salmon croquettes, pecan crusted chicken tenders, and pan seared steak. The steak was super easy and awesome! Although it called for flat iron steak (couldn't find that), I used the same seasoning on tenderloins. Italian seasoning, lemon pepper, salt, and garlic powder mixed together and spread over each side of the steak. Another yummy dish!! So that is my March...just a little into April!

Praying after the God the glory!
The boys' T&T team...a close 2nd place
Nathan running the Marathon race. He started out slow, but when he saw the runners were going to catch him, he put on the gas and won the race!
The ladies from the scene at the empty tomb.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Life

I thought that this picture of Nathan's gecko, Spartan (who really should be renamed since she is a girl!), shedding her skin would provide a good spiritual lesson on new life, or putting off our sin nature, or something really deep. But really I just think it is creepy and gross!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kiss my grits!

Well, I was planning on being able to post pictures of Nathan covered in grits, but after driving to St. George for the World's Grits Festival, we missed the grits! We actually went up on Friday because I thought we would miss the crowds. We did miss the crowds, but we also missed the grits roll and the grits samples that were only on Saturday and Sunday. But I thought at least they would have lots of different booths selling grits made different ways. Nathan had big plans to eat grits for lunch. He had BBQ. Followed by fried oroes. It was like we were at the fair!

Therefore no pictures of I will post our Easter pictures. The boys and I picked up my parents and made the trip to Memphis. (Dave had to stay home with Champ and put up the invisible fence) We broke it up both ways, so it was not too bad. We had lots of family fun over the weekend and a great Easter service on Sunday. The one day we were able to get the kids to dress in nice clothes....