Life with the Shirley Family

Life with the Shirley Family

Thursday, March 31, 2016

St. Louis Road Trip

Camden and I took a road trip to St. Louis for his Spring Break.  Before you think we left Nathan behind, don't worry.  We sent him to California to visit family and he got to go skiing on a good ski mountain for two days!

We did leave Dave, but someone has to work! (and he also had his Spring Break earlier this year!)  Our trip started out with our Easter Memphis visit, but since the cousins are all in school this week, we decided to take a road trip.  So off to Missouri we went.

The visitor center for the Arch is in the Old Courthouse.

Then on to the Arch!

It really is tall!

View of the Mississippi River and Illinois

The Cardinal's stadium

St. Louis

At the top.  Camden wanted to be able to stand on top; I am very glad we were inside!

Enjoying the view!

Inside the capsule we took to the top.

The opening to the tram...not very big!

Gotta take a selfie!

And of course we got caught in the rain!

We were planning on going to the City Museum next because we have heard how fun it is, but with the rain (which turned into a downpour!), I was told they close the outside, and that is the best part. I only knew of two other options; the zoo and another National Park.  Not wanting to go to the zoo in the rain, we headed to the Grant National Historic Site.  We got some northern education for our southern roots :)  
At least we had an umbrella his time

Camden being a rebellious rebel!

Now just being silly!

We had fun exploring the site using the Junior Ranger puzzles and activities.

Of course, every road trip has to involve good food!

Very yummy donuts!!

We found a great restaurant in The Hill section of St. Louis.  There are Italian restaurants on most every corner in this Italian neighborhood.  We lucked out and found a good one!

Camden really liked the food!  Even the stuffed mushrooms!

We ended the evening in Springfield, IL, where we will have more adventures tomorrow.  A dip in the pool was a must for the night too!