Life with the Shirley Family

Life with the Shirley Family

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Liberty football

Well today we did something that we have not done in a long time-went to a Liberty football game! They played CSU today and we have been hounded by the alumni association to attend the game, so we thought we would go and let the boys experience a live football game! Well, all I can say is it was a lot different than going to a game as a single in college!

Memories of football at LU are actually not many; in fact I would usually skip them! Basketball I went to, but football was not as big of an interest for me. LU had a much better basketball team anyway than football back then! But I do remember that most of the games were much cooler than today! And the stadium did not have portajohn's for the visiting team!

Today's memories were much different. First we were late because we wanted to see the Disney train first. Then we had a SLOW walk from the parking lot because Camden did not want to hold my hand. After hiking to the top of the bleachers, we sat down and started watching the game. Well, I actually started helping Camden color! Then Nathan started complaining about being hot and thirsty. I persuaded him to wait until Dave arrived to get a drink (did I mention that Dave was late due to work and it was just me with the boys!). Then Camden dropped a marker through the bleachers; I was going to wait to get it, but Nathan leaned over to look for it and dropped his glasses! (we were 2nd from the top!) So we went down to get the glasses and the marker. Since we were down, we got the drinks and headed back up. After sitting down for maybe 5 minutes, Camden informs me that he needs to go potty. We get situated in the portajohn and I had to hold him up over the hole since everything was slightly nasty! He didn't like dangling, so I have him stand on the seat and aim. No luck that way either, and after visions of dropping him in the blue yuck, I give up and hope he doesn't have an accident (which he didn't!).

Things get better after Dave arrives. Camden started cheering between coloring and laying on my lap! And Liberty wins!! Yeah! In two years we may go to the LU vs CSU game again! Need to make more memories! And it has to get easier!

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Well, I have been meaning to say it in my blog since last weekend, so here it is now!

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Nathan is my oldest and first son-he is the one who made me a mommy and I will be forever grateful for that. He is also one of the best kids I know! (yes, a little biased!) Seriously, though, I love the way he acts toward others and the way he challenges me to be a better Christian. He is generous to a fault (except with Tech Decks and his brother!) and has a very tender heart. He wants to give to others, even his brother, and bought Camden a mouse from the AWANA store with some of his hard earned shares (after of course he bought himself the Tech Deck!). He found my Avon book and decided he wanted to buy me some things out of it for Christmas!

Along with his tender heart comes a tendency to cry easily. We will be watching a movie and I will look over at him and he is bawling! The other night, though, his crying was very special. Camden (whom I don't think will cry easily about sensitive things, although that remains to be seen) is stingy with his hugs and "I love yous". He will say it, but not often. The night before Nathan's birthday and the night he bought Camden his mousie, Camden gave what Nathan said was his best birthday present. They were walking in the house after AWANA and Nathan said "I love you Camden" and Camden clear as could be said "I love you too Nathan!" I looked at Nathan and saw that he was tearing up. It was truly a special moment!

So now my Nathan (who is trying to be called Nate) is 9 years old. I can see changes as he gets older, but so far, the best characteristics are still there! He is now into skateboards and his ipod. I pray that he doesn't get a punkish skateboarder attitude! He continues to like all things sports, but will get into a good book. I love my son and trust that his faith in God will keep him safe and innocent throughout the growing up years!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Our new house project!

Well, we have finally started a new house project-or should I say Dave has started one and I am taking pictures! He tore out the tub and toilet part of the master bath (years ago he redid the vanity/sink part and that is staying the same!). The last project he finished was our guest/boys bathroom. This took a little less than a year to complete and I finally was able to get him to finish it because Camden was about to be born! The worst part of having the guest bath unusable was that all our company (and there was a lot!) had to use the bathroom in our room! This was especially annoying in the middle of the night when people had to go to the potty! Woke up this pregnant girl everytime it happened!

I also remember Dave vowing in frustration that next time we had a remodel job, he was going to hire someone to do it, no matter what it cost!

Almost 3 years later we have forgotten the headaches and are ready to begin again! At least this time noone will be traipsing through our room in the middle of the night-I just have to remember to go next door and not into the empty potty room if I get up in the night! Camden had liked using our potty instead of his, and now he keeps saying "no potty in there?" Soon, son, soon, I hope!

Duirng the demolition, Dave unearthed an interesting artifact.

The Grand Old Drink of the South! I thought that was sweet tea!

My grandaddy used to say that all painters drank because painting will drive a person to drink. Well putting in tubs must do the same because Dave found an empty bottle of Southern Comfort whiskey under the tub! I really hope this project does not drive him to drink!!