Life with the Shirley Family

Life with the Shirley Family

Friday, April 1, 2016

It's all about Lincoln

I have never been to Springfield, IL before, but having gone there today, I can tell you that everything there is about Abraham Lincoln!  We went there to see the Lincoln Museum, and while we were there, we also went to his house and tomb.  Throughout the town there are many references to places where Lincoln had worked and lived, etc.  And there are many things with the Lincoln name such as the Lincoln Public Library (not to be confused with the Lincoln Presidential Library!).  We even were able to look out of our hotel room at night and see a glowing Lincoln!
Almost like a moon!

Thursday morning we went to the Lincoln Museum. I had read a book titled Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker, and this inspired our trip.  It was interesting to see how many facts about Lincoln and his wife were in this historical fiction book.  The museum was top notch in quality...almost Disney-like.  But not many pictures were allowed.

Camden Lincoln

Camden Frederick Douglas

We fit right in!

Sites in downtown Springfield

After the museum, we headed to lunch at Charlie Parker's diner.  When we first starting planning our trip, Camden saw this restaurant on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.  So of course we had to go there!

Camden got a plate size pancake!

After lunch we headed back downtown and went to his house.  We were able to tour the family's original house and see items that Lincoln himself has used.  I realized that we were in the same rooms he had occupied and we were looking at actual items that Lincoln himself had used and it was very cool.
The most photographed view of Lincoln's house
The neighborhood he lived in

We finished our tour of Springfield at the tomb of Lincoln.  We were able to go inside the mausoleum and see several sculptures and the tombstones of Lincoln and his family.

I am not sure why, but everyone ahead of us was touching the nose of Lincoln as they walked by, so we did it too.

We headed back to Memphis after out Springfield day, and we decided to take a different route and a little detour through Metropolis. Camden had read about Metropolis, so we finished our adventure there!

The final picture from our day was the rainbow that we saw while driving through the rain.
God keeps his promises!