Life with the Shirley Family

Life with the Shirley Family

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ready for Disney!!!

I thnk we need some real mouse ears!!! See you at Disney :)'s electric!

We are now in the middle of baseball season! It is Nathan's 2nd season in kid pitch and he gets to be the kid pitching this year. He is very excited! He is not on a team full of great players this year in which they will be undefeated like he was last season, but he gets to play harder and be one of the better players. He is still developing his baseball skills, but has pitched a few strikeouts. Of course he also throws some balls when he gets tired; he even hit a player one night!

Camden of course just goes along for the ride. He enjoys playing on the playground during the game. At one playground, the slide it full of static electricity. That makes the evening, well, electric :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

The end of summer :(

Well, summer ended with Labor Day, and what a summer it has been. Here is briefly, what the Shirleys did the summer of 2010.

Dave worked...and finished a bathroom!!! Yeah! I think he got some fishing time in also, but with the fall approaching, he is making up for lack of outdoor time by hunting and fishing a lot!

Amy worked at Pattison's camp this summer along with seeing her private patients and driving the boys around to all sorts of activities.

And they both have gotten lost in Lost! They started watching it sometime in August and have rapidly moved to season 5 with the end in sight! It has been addicting and admittedly a time stealer! But is was summer :)

Camden has followed Nathan around to all his activities and being dropped off for camps, etc., and has spent a lot of time with his favorite lady Mrs. Donna! He also got to hang out with cousins and grandparents. Especially noted was his cousin and friend Josiah! They are trouble!

Nathan has had a very busy summer. In addition to camps, he also has been able to hang out with cousins and grandparents. Especially fun was his week at Grammie Camp and his weekend with his Papa and Gramma. He also finished (with much coaxing) his summer workbook and learned about 4 different states: North Carolina, Connecticut, Chicago, and Texas. We made foods from these states to taste, and although they weren't all a hit, it was a lot of fun. It was especially fun to take a trip to the NC coast at the beginning of the summer. And just to make the summer more enjoyable, we took a trip to the NC mountains over Labor Day weekend.

Our second trip involved a fly fishing trip for Dave and a friend, so his friend's wife and I tagged along. We went apple picking (actually picked them off of the tree this time), went to an apple festival, and played in the mountain stream. Nathan even got to experience a little whitewater tubing when I let him take a tube from the house we were staying in down a short part of the river. He enjoyed it, but a brief look of fear/panic could be seen on his face when he entered the "rough" waters!

So summer was fun for us. Now it is back to school and more structure and finishing Lost!!

Running to the apple trees

Camden picking apples...he had fun picking and then throwing them into the basket!

Amy climbing in the apple tree for the perfect apple! Most of the ones within reach from the ground were rotten.

Nathan had to get in the tree also. He wore jeans so he could climb a tree and eat an apple!

Amy, Nathan, and Camden

Our friends, the Bowicks

Skipping and throwing rocks

Camden in the freezing water!

Nathan in front of Looking Glass Falls...he was going to swim there, but I think he had had enough of the cold water!

What a fun way to end the summer!! I just love the mountains!