Life with the Shirley Family

Life with the Shirley Family

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Thursday was for boating!

Thursday was our final day together :(  So the campers spent it on the boat!!  Uncle Dave joined the crew as the boat captain!

After a fun day on the water, we had a great dinner at Red's before the Storey's and Grammie had to head to Columbia to get a jump start for the Storey's to drive to Memphis on Friday.  It was another great Grammie Camp year with more memories made!  So thankful for all of them!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Wednesday at the beach!

Wednesday was beach day for Grammie Campers!

But they started out the day in Columbia.  One of the many things that they miss about Granddad is his pancakes, but Grammie has taken over the reins and she makes them pancakes and little smokies and serves them on the back porch!


Then they got all things ready for their trip to Charleston and the beach!

Nathan and Ashton joined the CBC youth mission outreach and volleyball game

The evening ended with a movie on the beach, Frozen.  

 Another fun day at Grammie Camp!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tuesday at Grammie Camp

Lincoln was always trying to join in the GC pictures!

Tuesday was a recovery day at Grammie Camp because of getting in so late from Carowinds.  After getting some much needed sleep, the campers went to lunch at Fatz, another camp favorite restaurant.  The best tradition at Fatz is watching Ashton stuff several rolls in her mouth!  

Jennifer and Lincoln were able to go to lunch, but were kicked out for putt-putt!  This was a special time for Grammie to hang with only the campers!

 A hot day at putt-putt was followed by refreshments at Pelican's Sno-balls.

Amy and Nathan left for Charleston after Pelican's...Nathan for basketball practice and Amy home to rest her rib.  The campers went home and decorated hot rocks.  (Not totally sure how they did it, but somehow they heated up the rocks and decorated them with crayons that then melted on them.)

Jennifer and Lincoln were then kicked out of Columbia and made their way to Charleston while the campers went swimming, ate pizza, and watched The Parent Trap...a movie that is watched every year!  And it still is funny!

The next day is when the campers make their way to Charleston for more fun in the sun!