Life with the Shirley Family

Life with the Shirley Family

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My big question for tonight (along with how I had a dead battery in my car in the morning and in the afternoon locked the keys to my friend's car inside her car; all in the same day! She told me to make sure I did not leave without giving her her keys and I had to tell her that wouldn't happen since they were safely locked inside her car!), is do children who do not believe in the tooth fairy still receive money from her? Nathan has only lost 6 teeth so far (a little behind most of his friends), but he has stopped believing in the tooth fairy. I think she should save her money!! It's sad to see your kids grow up, but nice to see how they are still little!

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Kiawah Island Dig!

On the 4th we took our boat out with the Finks. We had a great time tubing and skiing, and then we anchored at a beach on Kiawah. It is part of the island that is hard to get to except by boat, and although there were many boats there, it did not seem too crowded. Part of our day we spent walking down the beach (I think that is where the back of my knees got sunburned!) looking for shells and sand dollars. We found lots of shells, a dead horseshoe crab, and a half buried crab.

This was exciting for the kids to dig up! They were very careful with the digging and did not break any of the legs off-too bad the dog who ran off with it later did not have such manners! (Nathan does not know about the dog, but has forgotten about the crab thankfully!)

But the most amazing find was by Camden! He actually found a whole, intact dinosaur! And it is still green! He was extra happy with his find!