Life with the Shirley Family

Life with the Shirley Family

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Being at the wrong place...

at the worst time!!

Dave left for TX this morning to go to compounding medicine school to be certified (although he says he knows it all!!), and Nathan had to be at church at 9 for a skit in the 9:30 service. So my morning began by getting up a little earlier than usual for a Sunday; driving Dave to the airport; and then going straight to church. Since we were early for church (that never happens), I got caught by our preschool director (whose job I would never want!). She asked if I could work in the 5 yr old room during the 9:30 hour. I said I could (can't seem to say no), but after Nathan did his skit. So after the skit, I go to the preschool hallway and the look the director has for me makes me think at first she doesn't need me after all-but alas, she doesn't need me in the 5 yr olds, but in the toddlers. As I walk past the teacher holding a child outside of the classroom, the comment is we also have another problem to deal with. Not thinking much about it, I proceed to help keep children off of one another and to stop one girl from crying, and then I learn the other problem-LICE! I am starting to itch again just thinking about it! Even though I probably won't get lice, it is a yucky possibility. All the kids in that room were given notes about how they needed to wash their hair-so I did that and washed the boys' hair-don't know how far those bugs can jump!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A bathroom update...

We are, and by we I mean Dave, is making progress on our bathroom! We have my mom's family all coming over for a reunion April 3, and would love to have 2 pottys! Although I am not holding my breath for that, at least we might have the tile up in the tub. YEAH!! So just wanted to give a brief update on our bathroom. When it it totally finished, I will invite anyone over who wants to use our second potty :)

The tiles sitting in our bedroom just waiting to be stuck on the walls!

The pattern of how Dave is going to stick them on the walls-I hope they are off our floor soon!

Dave working in the bathroom-a wonderful sight!

Tile on the wall! There is hope that we may have another tub someday soon!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ordinary Days

I guess I am becoming older, or more mature, or maybe wiser, ha, but I am happy to have ordinary days. I am especially happy to feel better after about a week of a miserable lung disease as Nathan described it! It may have been a touch of bronchitis or not, but it was a yucky cough that hurt my chest and made me sluggish. I am thankful that I don't have any serious sickness in my life and feel very bad for those people with breathing problems. Even today, I will sometimes take a deep breath and not feel it fill my lungs. Then I will get a good, lung filling breath and just say thank you, that feels good.

So I am thankful today for my health. I missed being able to run and jump around like usual without getting winded. I went back to the gym today and worked out on some type of machine for about 30 minutes. I could tell I had been sick, but am looking forward to going again tomorrow and getting back to my old self-I hope!

So now I will say goodnight and go lay down and take lots of good deep breaths.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Olympic Bug

Our family was infected by the Olympic spirit for the past 2 weeks and it was fun! I thought I was bad staying up until midnight+ most every night to see Bob Costas sign off and the last medal awarded, but Nathan's enthusiasm surpassed mine. He plays Olympics all day, has won medals in many events including luge down the driveway, downhill down the driveway, aerials off the swings and ice skating on the hardwood floor in the back of our living room. He reads about how axles are done in his Sports Illustrated for Kids and even knows how to pronounce that icky Russian's name. While watching the games, especially the skiing, he wears his ski goggles! It is really cute. His other outfit I unfortunately did not get a picture of, was his red fleece PJ bottoms, his White fleece PJ top,and his blue fleece PJ top on his head. Dave was perplexed as to the why of this particular outfit, but it seemed quite obvious-he was dressing as any good American; in red, white and blue!