Life with the Shirley Family

Life with the Shirley Family

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ladies' Night!!

I had a birthday party at the ATP gun shop in Summerville tonight!  Ladies' night involves training about guns and then being able to shoot  50 rounds into a pink target.  We also got a t-shirt.  It was exciting to think about doing, but nerve wracking when hanging out in the store waiting for our class to begin.  I was also a little nervous when loading the guns, but then had a good time shooting two kinds of guns.  I even got three shots in the middle of the target.  This was after lots of misses and head shots.  I even shot the earlobe so that it looked like an earring.   It was a fun time with fun friends.  Lots of laughs :)  Can't wait to head back up and fire off another few rounds!
Charlie's Angels!  My camo gun really is camoflauged in this picture!

Couldn't resist taking a picture of this!

My new t-shirt!

Monday, February 4, 2013

My favorite number is 42!

My favorite number is 42, and since I am now 42, I am sure this will be a great year!! So far, today has been very nice. Today, which really started Friday in terms of birthday activities, has been a very nice birthday. My parents came down Friday and we went out to dinner, followed by Charlotte's Web with Camden. Dave and Nathan left that night for an all night laser tag youth group activity. Due to this, Dave and Nathan were a little tired on Saturday! Upwards was our Saturday day, but that night, Dave and I went out to dinner and to see Les Miserables. About halfway through the movie, Dave had to leave because he was feeling sick. He was feeling the effects of being overly tired, however, he did admit that he thought there was too much singing :) Sunday was the Super Bowl, but Monday was the start of getting tons of Happy Birthday messages on Facebook and the phone and Facetime. My sister's family all sang Happy Birthday to me on my Ipad! It was a normal type day with Upwards practice for both boys, homework, and school, but I did get a run in. That always gets my endorphins pumping! Between practices, I got to eat at Taco Spot and get ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Dave and the boys let me go on a shopping trip to Kohls'. I bought a pan (I know, very boring), and a massage roller and ball. The last special thing I did today was to get a mani-pedi! I am going to go to the shooting range tomorrow night, so I figured I should get my nails done. I need as much help as I can get and looking better should at least, well, make my nails look better! And even though my feet aren't seen in February, they are now red for heart health!

So here is to 42!  I look forward to all that is ahead of me!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Thank you Halls!!

I have a cold or a sinus infection or allergies or laryngitis or maybe all of these! And I have had these symptoms since last Thursday. I try never to tempt the fates by saying I don't get sick, but since I am sick, I guess I can say that usually, I don't get sick very often. And my children don't get sick often. But this year, well, I had better never say that again!! Too many stomach bugs and coughs and runny noses to count. I even sent in more tissues to school with Nathan because he had used up all of his teachers' supply! So after persevering through all my obligations, like yelling at the basketball game on Saturday when I had no voice, I gave up and got an antibiotic Wednesday night. Not that that has helped too much. I really think it opened up my head and my insides are now pouring out. But in all of this ick, that had better be gone before my birthday!!, I have found comfort in one thing...the pithy sayings on the Halls cough drops. I mean, when you open up a cough drop and get to read "keep you chin up", "you got it in you" (and everyone is getting to hear all that is in you!), "inspire envy" (of what, my cough?), and "don't try harder, do harder", well it just makes me feel so much better!! I understand the nice sayings on the inside of Dove chocolates, but cough drops? I think someone at the Halls company has too much time on their hands. At least it is a private sector job that is secure though. Even if I don't care for the sayings, I do depend on the cough drops; and the strawberry flavor is actually pretty good. So thank you Halls, as I go unwrap a smile :)