Life with the Shirley Family

Life with the Shirley Family

Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

Well the first day of school is over and it was a success! This is the first year that Nathan and Camden are in the same school! Camden began his K4 year dressed in the same uniform as Nathan and he was very excited about this! Although he was a little anxious when we got to the door of his room, he went to his seat and started his day. I was able to spy on him at his very short recess (they had a half of a half day!) and he was running and playing on the playground.

Camden in his new classroom. He doesn't look too excited yet!

Lately we have been talking about telling lies and what it means to tell a lie and even getting in trouble for telling lies. When Camden came home from school today the one thing he did tell me was that he did not tell a lie at school!

Nathan had a good day also. He started 5th grade today and likes his class. He took his book report in on time (unlike me who forgot to take Camden's emergency card!), talked about what was going to happen this year, and got out at noon. When talking about his day, well, he didn't say much! I guess he is growing up!

I really didn't try to match the boys!

So hear it to a great year!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Fresh New Look

Well the cabinets are basically finished! Yeah! There are some touch up things that need to be fixed. Some paint that needs to be added and molding that needs to be changed, but to walk into my kitchen now is like a breath of fresh air! Everything looks new and clean and light. I just want to open and close all the drawers and doors that used to clunk into and out of place and leave trails of sawdust in their wake. I now have lots of nice looking, empty cabinets...yes, my kitchen contents are still in the living room! It is now my turn to do the work!

Our old kitchen before the work began.

The beginning of the job; taking off the old doors.

The first weekend of work left us with all the outside exposed surfaces covered in new laminate.

Then the doors!! Yeah!

Now to open those doors and put stuff away! Better get to work!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Cabinets!

After painting our kitchen blue this past year and getting a new table and hutch set, I have been anxious to do something with our cabinets. We have always talked of ripping out the cabinets, pulling up the floor and replacing the entire kitchen. But that would take lots of time and money. So we decided to forego the expense, save money for braces and tuition, and take a less expensive route for making our kitchen look awesome!! Cabinet refacing I think is the official name for the process. Friday morning is the start day. So tonight is the posting of pre- nice cabinet pictures.

The worn out edges of our cabinets.

The remnant of a sticker that I could not get off. Along with holes in the wood.

Very old fashioned cabinets!

Say good-bye to the cabinets! Updates as soon as possible!